Tourist Experience Pavilion


Proof of concept visualization commissioned by Elevenfeet.

The traveling experience pavilion is a concept for a multimedia information platform, in which visitors can enter the different containers and experience information in a new way. They can view the information at home or access it on their commute using any smart device.
The visualization accompanied with the dossier is a proof of concept study for the commemoration of the first World War between 2014 and 2018.
The goal of TEP is to travel throughout Europe, focusing on personal user experience while aiming to spread the message of peace.

Concept – final color grading – copywriting by Elevenfeet.

Technical Artist

  • Minimalistic environmental modelling; 3D asset creation.
  • Shot breakdown; previz blocking.
  • Particle simulation in 3DsMax.
  • Rendering and compositing.

Preview render – no sound, color grading or copywriting as delivered to the client.